TruthCasting – Do You Know Who You Are

It was the best of times,and it was the worst of times. It was best because I was privileged by the LORD to serve Him as the pastor of FBC Hackensack. What wonderful memories I will carry into eternity because of the good fellowship I had, and friends that I made at FBC. It was the worst of times because I only regret not humbling myself enough before the LORD and allowing Him to use me to do more.  Click the TruthCasting link below to hear a sermon that I preached at FBC on 08/14/2011.  Enjoy.



Published by

E. Wohner

By God's amazing grace, I have served in the ministry for over 22 years; 17 of which were as a cross-cultural missionary in New York City, and five years as a local church pastor. Currently, I work for Prudential as a financial professional associate. The only things that I can say about myself are that I love God, I love people, I love living my faith, and I love being of service to others helping them reach their full potential.

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